Height Design Privacy Policy (January 2020)

The website: www.height-design.co.uk is owned and administered by Height Design. Height Design do not use cookies or any other tracking software on the website. Information submitted to Height Design via the contact form on the website will not be supplied to any third party organisations. Height Design only use this information to answer the inquiry with the intention it was provided.


Height Design as Data Controller

The customer will be referred to as the Data Supplier, if data needs to be supplied to Height Design, Height Design will only act as a Data Controller on behalf of the Data Supplier, any data that is sent to the Data Controller remains the property of the Data Supplier. Any supplied data supplied to the Data Controller will be destroyed once the data is no longer needed. Only third party suppliers who demonstrate privacy procedures in line with GDPR will be considered as Data Processors on behalf of the Data Controller. If data needs to be altered or edited in anyway by the Data Processor, the Data Processor must ask permission from the Data Supplier and the data remains the property of the Data Supplier if it is altered or edited in anyway. Any supplied data that has been used by the Data Processor will be destroyed after the data has been used for its intended use.